Social Capital Expert Hosted By Sarah Frances McDaniel


June 27, 2020

Michele, an Iowa native, was raised on a farm by parents who also had their own businesses. She believes this example of work ethic and determination is what spurred the entrepreneurial spirit inside her. Four and a half years ago, Michele moved to Colorado - a single mom with a degree in social work and experience in pharmaceutical sales. She later entered into financial services and wealth management where she realized that she had a passion for real estate. Michele went out on her own and started doing “fix and flips” and helping others utilize real estate in their financial strategy. Michele is passionate about taking her experience and knowledge and sharing it with others so that they can reach their goals too! Listen as Michele shares how she is making home-ownership more attainable for those she works with and how you can utilize her strategy too. Her passion for having a positive impact on her community is contagious and it is easy to see that relationships and understanding people’s “WHY” is key in Michele’s life philosophy. She has recently launched B.O.S.S. Lady Werks, a community of women who are owning their life and living it to the fullest. Michele has recently taken on the role of Business Development Specialist through a partnership with Wealth Innovations Group.  They have an amazing process with some very unique planning area for Cannabis/Hemp, a grossly under served market due to tax code challenges due to the nature of the business under federal law. Listen to this episode to hear Michele’s advice for building Social Capital and having an impact on the community around you.

Name: Michele Boyer

Company: B.O.S.S. (Building Opportunities Supporting Success) Lady Werks


Phone: 720-892-9755

Facebook: Boss Lady Werks

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